Weddings Every Weekend

People. My job is to satisfy the people. The majority. People can make it hard by thinking they know what to play…. Remember, there is only one person in the room being paid to play. Always a challenge. With that being said, I keep the dance floor packed!









Wedding Season

Love is in the air and the sun is in the sky…. The decorations are laid out and the culmination of endless planning is here. The reception is the time to kick back, have some spirits and enjoy the beginning of forever. I provide the musical landscape….








As a record collector, I want to strike gold every time. It’s a tough process. My ears are always on. Seeking and searching for that rare gem and then being able to match it with like material in an attempt to blow someone away. It takes days, months and years sometime to find that treasure. As hard as I work to find those songs, I still have to ease them in during my gigs because the audience is so brainwashed by radio. I have to let people know that I am a DJ and not a jukebox. The search continues….

Preparation for Detroit Fireworks.

A gig for all ages, all races and all partygoers young and old. Wayne State is a multi-cultural University and I have the privilege of being the resident DJ for all WSU special events. Always a challenge and I’m always up for a challenge.

Wayne State University students, faculty, staff and their families are invited to the WSU viewing party to watch The FordĀ® Fireworks.

Where: WSU Parking Structure 2

When: Monday, June 23, 2014 (rain date is Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

Time: 6 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

We’ll have

Bounce houses and inflatables for the kids
Live DJ spinning your favorite tunes
BBQ area if you want to prepare your own summer favorites
WJR 760 AM simulcast of the downtown fireworks
Show your OneCard for parking in Structure 2. Restrooms are provided on the ground level.


Music moves at the speed of sound lol. So much music is available and it’s hard to find quality. Today, I djed a middle and high school party. I like to challenge myself with arranging records that I’m not familiar with. I turn music that I dont like into and arrange it and try to entertain the youth at the same time. While having to be prepared to mute or change a record at the sound of cuss words on a clean version.

Then, a few hours later, I had to support my clear soul brothers as they competed to represent Detroit for the A3C festival in Atlanta. I know they should win but I am biased.

A day in the life.