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Resident Gig for Saturday Night Laughs

One of my resident gig is for Detroit Comedian Coolaide. He is funny cat that has traveled the world as a comedian just as I as a dj. We come together every second Saturday for Saturday Night Laughs a staple in Detroit comedy. He flies in a headline comedian every month and its always cool to meet famous and up and coming comedians. I have to be on point with the music when its a part of their act or get clowned. A lot of things I do with the comedians are improved and I love coming through every time.






Gold Plated Beats Tour

It feels good to experience a hip hop tour with my Clear Soul brothers. Years ago, they said when the time came for the tour that they would use me. And they held me down. Our joke was “we’re gonna do the errol flynn in Berlin…. Now we’re over in France enjoying people that genuinely love hip hop. Tomorrow night is our first show and I know that its gonna bang!